Rowans Hospice Supports Make a Will Fortnight

Rowans Hospice LogoFollowing the success of last years campaign, The Rowans Hospice is promoting ‘Make a Will Fortnight’ for a second year between the 2nd June and the 13th June inclusive.

You can make an appointment with any participating solicitor who has agreed to waive their fees and give their services free of charge in return for a donation being made to The Rowans Hospice. This will cover a ‘basic’ or ‘simple’ will. If your needs are more complicated then the solicitor will advise you and agree a fee.  Instead of paying the solicitor you will be asked to give your donation (cheque made payable to The Rowans Hospice) at your first visit. The donation amount is at your discretion but the Hospice ask that you bear in mind the time and effort given by the solicitor in support of this event. As a point of reference, a basic will would normally cost in the region of £150 for a single will and £235 for joint wills.

There is no obligation to leave a gift in your will (legacy) to The Rowans Hospice. A gift can be large or small and currently one in four patients at the hospice is funded by gifts in wills.

Not sure if you need a will? Well the importance of having one really cannot be overstated. If you die without one (intestate), then your assets are divided according to the law, and this may not be in the way that you think or in a way that you would want.  Making a will ensures that your assets pass to the people that you choose.

If you have children, then you need to give consideration to who would bring them up if the worst were to happen, and appoint a guardian for them in your will.

You should review your will regularly, and take advice if you have been recently married or divorced as both can have an effect on existing wills.

Below is a full list of the participating solicitors:

1. Christopher Halliwell at Addison Law, Emsworth
2. Georgia Bull at Allens Solicitors, Southsea
3. Tim Gamester at Biscoes Solicitors, North End
4. Jonathan Randall at Blake Lapthorn, North Harbour
5. Malcolm Gibbs at Coffin Mew LLp, North Harbour
6. Charlotte Woods at Bramsdon & Childs, Southsea
7. Michael Frent at Kingswell Berney Ltd, Gosport
8. Lisa More at Larcomes LLP, North End
9. Tricia Longmore at Large & Gibson, Southsea
10, Kevin O’Hara at O’Hara Solicitors, Waterlooville
11. Victor Summers at Stokes Solicitors LLP, Southsea
12. Kevin Dye at Verisona Solicitors & Advocates, Lakeside
13. Kirsten Woodgate at Woodgate & Co, Southsea



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