Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

Head in Book

Life is full of surprises. This morning I found myself tweeting: “I think Kirstie Allsopp has a point” which, had you asked me, I would have thought about as likely ever to happen as “I fancy Nigel Farage”.

But I do (think she has a point, that is, not fancy him). I don’t think she’s entirely right. I’m not taking notes and binding them into a dainty floral notebook to inform my every future move. She’s touched on something I’ve been thinking for a while, though.

In an interview in today’s Telegraph, as well as talking movingly about the recent death of her mother (inexplicably, largely ignored in reactions), she says:

“Women are being let down by the system. We should speak honestly and frankly about fertility and the fact it falls off a cliff when you’re 35. We should talk openly about university and whether going when you’re young, when we live so much longer, is…

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