Things to do in the rain in Portsmouth

(1) Cinema

If you’ve been thinking of going to see one of the summer films – today is the day. As it’s school holidays,  Odeon have extended their film club Odeon Kids and there is a film on daily at the moment. The kids club costs just £2.50 per ticket adult or child, and this weeks offering is Postman Pat: The Movie. Today’s screening is on at 11 am – check the website for other days. From Friday 15th Odeon Kids will show Frozen: Sing Along.  If you prefer to go to Vue then they are showing The Lego Movie and Postman Pat: The Movie at 10 am today for just £1.75 a ticket. Kids AM continues midweek and will show Postman Pat: The Movie until Thursday.

If you wanted to see one of the new films – and I can recommend How to Train Your Dragon 2 having seen it yesterday, then do check to see whether you have any Tesco points going spare as they are currently offering you tickets to Odeon Cinemas (nearest one is Port Solent) for just £2.50 worth of Tesco Vouchers. You’ll need to exchange your vouchers by the 1st September 2014 but having done so your cinema codes will last for 6 months. The normal deal is £4.50 a ticket it’s worth grabbing this now.

(2) Soft Play

Yes I know, not original, or particularly imaginative, but if your children are climbing the walls at home, far better to take them somewhere where this is actually encouraged whilst you have a cup of tea.  Here’s a list of local soft play centres – maybe try one you haven’t been to before.

(3) Swimming

We’ve plenty of swimming pools locally, and if you have a Portsmouth City library card you can register your children to swim free at Mountbatten Leisure Centre or Charter Community Sports Centre subject to a one off admin fee of £3.15.  You’ll need to take proof of your address, your ID and your library card. If you fancy a trip further afield then Petersfield’s Taro Centre has a good pool with a slide and vortex – family swimming today is between 10 am and 2.3o pm – check their website for other times.

(4) Museums

We’ve an abundance of museums in Portsmouth, who all try hard to engage children – if you haven’t been for a while, today is the perfect day for it. Portsmouth City Museum and the Natural History Museum at Cumberland House are free, and if you’ve visited the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in the last year, and gift aided your ticket, then your ticket will still be valid for 12 months after your visit. The dockyard has plenty of extra summer holiday activities on for children. If you’ve been thinking of going, and want to buy a ticket, then you can currently get 25% off the usual price if you book online and they will last a year and also allow you to visit the Royal Marines Museum, The Royal Navy Submarine Museum and Explosion, Museum of Naval Firepower with a  complimentary waterbus taking you across the harbour to visit.

(5) You Tube – Teach yourself something

If your children haven’t yet mastered the art of making a loom band bracelet then have a look on You Tube where you will find literally hundreds of tutorials showing you how to do it. In fact, we’ve got one of our very own videos showing you how without the aid of a loom:

You could look up hair tutorials – this came in very handy for a Frozen party recently:

Or maybe get the facepaints out and practice some new designs:

Or any number of craft ideas. Don’t forget we also have a Pinterest page with lots of ideas on it.




About Shelley Cook

Self employed blogger, editor and copywriter. I work from home around my two children and am delighted to be able to visit local attractions and cafes and call it work.
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