My Journey Portsmouth Loves Cycling – Here’s why:

4984 My Journey - I love Cycling 800 x 800 TWO RSWe all know cycling is good for our health, the environment and our budgets, but…

It is a common statement, and one that I hear friends saying, normally followed by a reason why they don’t cycle.  I can sympathise; when it is cold and/or wet the last thing anyone wants to do is pick up their children from school with bikes dragging lunchboxes, PE kits and water bottles home or to cycle around town to pick up the ingredients for tonight’s tea.

When looking into the benefits associated with cycling and being active in general, they are pretty conclusive.  A study carried out at University of East Anglia (UEA), followed nearly 18,000 adult commuters from across the UK over 18 years.  Researchers found that those who had an active commute were more likely to have a higher level of well-being that those who went by car or public transport.

It is not just commuters that benefit from cycling (or walking) to their destinations.  If we all are a little more active our chances of obesity and associated problems of coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, type 2 diabetes etc… are greatly reduced.  Add feeling less stressed into this mix and cycling seems like a very good idea.  You get fit and feel great, what’s not to love about cycling?  You could cycle the school run, cycle to work or get together with friends to cycle for fun.

Portsmouth City Council and My Journey are running the I Love Cycling campaign.  The idea is to encourage more people (like parents) to dust our bikes off, gingerly get on them and get going.  The Campaign provides training, classes, routes and other essential pieces of information that make cycling round the city easier and more convenient than driving, (which, most of the time, it really is).

We are looking for ways to encourage more people like you to get on their bikes and to that end I throw the floor open to you to tell us what works for you and what you would like to see changed. You can engage with us on Facebook or Twitter @MyJourneyHants.

Check our website for details of up-coming events, courses and routes.

My Journey

This is a guest blog post by My Journey Portsmouth, in association with Portsmouth City Council.


About Shelley Cook

Self employed blogger, editor and copywriter. I work from home around my two children and am delighted to be able to visit local attractions and cafes and call it work.
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